The play «Reluctant Adventurers»

The play «Reluctant Adventurers»

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How many worries a day can have two not the youngest sisters? Catch up around the house, bake cakes, call the master-window-dresser, do not forget about taking the pills? The heroines of our performance are much more: police, poisoning and harassment, disguise and exposure. But this can not be compared with the love and care for dear nephews with their personal lives.

In this comedy there is everything that makes spectators laugh throughout the play-intrigue, confusion, a lot of ridiculous situations, humor, a string of misunderstandings and an unexpected denouement.

Cast: Pavel Priluchny, Agata Mutsenietse, Anatoly Rudenko / Sergei Gromov, Alexander Mokhov, Raisa Ryazanova / Agafonova Tatyana, Nadezhda Podyapolskaya, Alexei Yakubov.


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