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Recently the duet "Nepar" turned 15 years old. This is a mature and at the same time a young date for a well-known group, on the songs of which the musical taste of a generation has been brought up. After a short break, the duet "Nepar" announced the resumption of creative cooperation and the start of a tour of Russian cities with the program "Another Life". As part of the duo there were no changes - they are permanent soloists Alexander Shoua and Victoria Talyshinskaya. But more recently Victoria has become a mother. It was this event that gave the name of the new tour.

Memorable and trembling ballads of the duet "Nepar" are always relevant and in demand, as actual and in demand real feelings. That's why their songs are so loved and today they listen with pleasure: "I'll give you half the world", "Favorite people", "A thousand dreams", "Sweetheart", "God invented you", etc.

The concert program is made up exclusively taking into account the wishes of the audience from the most famous hits and the best songs about love and romance. And just for their fans was recorded a new song "Halves", which also features a duet intrinsic melodic style. Each performance of a duet is a live performance, your fine mood, rest by soul and a mood for positive. Come as a family, because the songs of the duet "Nepar" have no age and they are always relevant.


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