Yudi. Show light and darkness

Yudi. Show light and darkness

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The team "Yudi" is the pride of the native Tomsk and the whole country. Conquer thousands of spectators, speaking in various shows of Russian and foreign television, and the number of views of YouTube videos on YouTube reaches twelve million a month. A successful touring team, YUDI, opens dance schools where children develop not only physically, but also spiritually, become participants in a large and powerful creative movement. "YUDI" became one of the most sensational phenomena of modern culture - it's not just a dance group, but an original show, the destruction of stereotypes, immersion in a different reality.

Speeches "YUDI" break the boundaries between reality and a fairy tale, when the eyes can not believe in the possibility of the human body. The combination of talent, hundreds of hours of training and an unbelievable desire to bring good to the masses - all this helped "YUDI" prove that the impossible is possible and the possibilities have no boundaries. This philosophy artists perform through their performances, forcing each viewer to believe in themselves, into their own strengths and turn even the most fabulous and incredible dreams into reality.

The "Light and Darkness" show is a story about a person not like the others, the story of a person who needed help and was heard, a story about the great Light curing the Darkness. This is an amazing show of Russian artists who have won a foreign audience, with a demonstration of the incredible possibilities of the human body from which they breath.


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