Kristina Orbakaite

Kristina Orbakaite

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Fans of the singer are waiting for a grand show with a special program, stunning outfits and great hits. But we all understand that the beauty of the stage and the designer's dresses of the performer are just a frame of talent for the great singer. A real priceless diamond is her performing talent. In lyrical compositions, sincerity, sensitivity and touching. Kristina Orbakaite is beautiful, desirable, with inimitable voice and choreographic talent. All these qualities and allowed her to become one of the most beloved singers not only of our country, but also of many other states. Currently, she has 12 albums released, hundreds of concerts played, filming in movies and television series. In her collection there are about a dozen of statuettes of the Golden Gramophone Award. Also, Christina twice won the World Music Award "The world music awards" as one of the most popular singers in Russia.

At the anniversary concert of Christina Orbakaite "Insomnia" guests are waiting for the main compositions of the artist: gentle, sensual, which seem to heal the souls of people, giving healing energy to life. At the concert you will see it exactly as it really is. Guests will see a completely new show that will win over everyone present. This evening will be an unforgettable event!


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