Operetta «Wedding in Malinovka»

Operetta «Wedding in Malinovka»

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Theater "Petersburg Operetta" represents.

"Wedding in Malinovka" is a performance full of light and joy. Beautiful actors' ensemble, beautiful voices and open faces. Magnificent dance numbers set by Nikolai Reutov; amazing costumes and scenery of the artist Oleg Molchanov; amazing, spring cleanliness, the poems of Albina Shulgina are intertwined with the charming, familiar from childhood melodies of Alexandrov and carried to the world of love and humor, as befits a real operetta. Love, carried through time and distance, roads and wars, triumphs and crowns this wonderful story with a wedding, a wedding in Malinovka.

You can and should come to the performance with the whole family, because it was invented and born by people who know for sure that nothing is more important than love, family, kindness and faithfulness in the world does not exist.


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