TODES. Anniversary tour «30 years»

TODES. Anniversary tour «30 years»

Ballet Alla Brass «TODES» invites you to the premiere of a new enchanting performance, unparalleled!

"We" - this is our treasure chest! This is a unique collection of the best dance numbers in the history of «TODES». "We" - a play about us. It is a continuous cascade of the strongest impressions and discoveries of our lives, which can only transmit dance. "We" - these are the emotions beating through the edge, it is incredibly beautiful and complex performances, from which literally breathtaking!

With artists of the ballet Ala Brass «TODES» you will experience immersion in other cultures, you will laugh, marvel, wonder and stopping, and learn in our rooms their own feelings and passion, his life. "We" - is the answer to the question of what freedom!

You are waiting for an incredible beauty and energy dance show! This is a must see!


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