Argentinian dance show «Demon & Angel»

Argentinian dance show «Demon & Angel»

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Marcos Ayala was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age, he began to practice folklore dances, standing out among his peers. He also studied techniques of classical and modern dance, jazz dance. After completing his studies, he became a teacher of Danzas Argentinas at the National School of Dance.

In 2006, at the age of 19, he won the first award at the World Tournament in Tango in Japan. He is invited by the most important tango companies to visit their castings as a guest "First Solo Dancer". In 2014, he creates his own "TANGO COMPANY" and begins to tour the whole country, and then travels around the world, presenting his creative and choreographic proposals, including the merging of new tango techniques on the stage, raising it to a new level.

Together with his team (company), he reached a language of such expressiveness that leaves the audience bewildered. He also expresses all his experience and knowledge with the help of choreographic works of contemporary stories, without neglecting the style of dance that best interprets this - Tango.


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