Jaroslav Sumishevskiy

Jaroslav Sumishevskiy

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The name of Yaroslav Sumishevsky became widely known after the appearance of the musical reality show "People's Machor", which has already won its army of admirers. This project is aimed at finding talented performers in restaurants in Moscow and the Moscow region. The recording of songs on the terms of the project is done without rehearsal - one song solo, the second - a duet with Yaroslav himself. The recorded videos are uploaded to the Internet, to the Yaroslav Channel in YouTube.

The project "People's Machor" gained popularity and an extensive audience in the virtual space, and in 2016 won in the popular vote in the Runet Prize, gaining millions of views. Creativity of the young artist so pleased the audience, which led to the development of both the project itself and the solo way of Yaroslav Sumishevsky. In 2015, the first concert of the singer in Moscow was successfully held - shortly afterwards, Yaroslav presented the audience with his musical group - the band "Mahor Band", which brought a new wave of success and audience sympathy.

Numerous solo performances of artists, which in Moscow were sold out, gave impetus for reaching a new level. In 2016 Yaroslav Sumishevsky began an active touring life! The singer visited more than 100 cities of Russia and the near abroad with tours. All the concerts were held with unchanged success, in many halls of the country with a full house.

The singer with great warmth and love refers to his audience, it is distinguished by sincerity and openness. Incredible popularity Yaroslav acquired for his timbre of voice, which acts on the viewer in a special way, not giving the opportunity to remain indifferent to his singing. The popularity of the artist grows with each new city and region. In the future tour Yaroslav Sumishevsky and "Mahor Band" will present a new program - there will be romances, folk songs, new songs and, of course, live sound, warm energy of the performer and a great mood of all present!


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